If you buy a dog from a back yard breeder, veterinary doctor ,pet store and you will be cheated.

Are you looking for a nice, good-looking, healthy puppy, but you don’t know what goes in the making of that puppy. What is happening today is poor, pathetic and irresponsible breeding taking place in slum areas like Shadipur slums, Vijay nagar, Laxmi Nagar and many backyards of houses in Delhi and all across India. The puppies coming out of there are being sold by the pet stores, veterinary doctors and unscrupulous backyard breeders or agents. These puppies are sold from approximately Rs 6000 to Rs. 35000 in different posh colonies of Delhi NCR , and other metropolitan cities like mumbia, Bangalore, Chennai, kolkatta and across entire India. . This kind of backyard breeders are thriving in hundreds in India .These puppies are very poorly bred puppies. Most of the parents of the puppies are not pure breeds but mixed breed, infact lowest in standard of the purity of that breed.  The dogs are kept in dirty dark cages in unhuman conditions with virtually no food or clean drinking water. Most of the dogs have severe health problems like cancer, tuberclosis etc. Infact many people keep one breed of dog and mate them with any street dogs. One cannot differentiate between these puppies and the puppies of pure breed (you will come to know the difference once they grow up). The female dog (Dam) is mated  every three months where she would give 6-7 puppies in litter and the breeder would keep mating them for 3-5 years continuously without giving any time for the female dog to recover. As result the female would become very weak and unhealthy after giving birth to 5-7 pups in a litter continuously for years and eventually die. The pups born are so unhealthy and weak with severe infections and other health problems. These puppies are given very strong antibiotics so that they don’t get any infection while handing the puppy to you and sedatives to make the puppy inactive and drowsy.You will be told that the puppy hasn’t slept well so the puppy is feeling drowsy because of lack of sleep. But the fact is the puppy is drowsy because of the antibiotics and sickness suffered by puppy Before the puppy is sold to you. What else do you expect the health of puppy to be when his mother has been treated like a puppy making machine? Every puppy sold form these places is given steroid injections, to improve the health and make the puppy hungry. Steriods cause ulcers in the stomach as result the puppy feels a lot more hungry, they are given cerelac so that they can gain a lot weight within few days. That’s how the puppies are made to look chubby, cute and healthy( gol- mol puppy).But the fact is those steroids will have its effects in few months and destroy the internal organs like kidney and liver. Those are not healthy puppies.   The puppies have deformities with severe health issues. Even the father of the puppy is not spared by these breeders. They are made to mate 6- 8 times every month and used as a stud. If a male dog (Sire) keeps on mating every month, his sperm count is bound to get low and produce very poor quality puppies. The father of the pup is allowed to mate with any female dog which itself is very unhealthy and leads to further severe infection and diseases within these dogs which are passed on to the puppy that you buy from the pet store, veterinary doctors and back yard breeders. As the pups are born, they all look cute, but nothing can be said how pure the breed is, as result many people buying such dogs are cheated and don’t come to know that the pup which they are buying is of very poor quality (bloodlines) and of very low pedigree. They will have many health problems and medical defects. They puppy will have very poor immunity level because of which they cannot fight any disease which dogs are plagued with in his life time. Some of the disease which kills the puppies are Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, Leptoperosis, Carona, Rabies etc. Even after immunization against such diseases the puppies are not able to develop the immune system to fight these diseases. As result more than 60% puppies die within few months of their birth after we bring them home and some die within first few years. There are other health problems these poorly bred puppies would have like one eye vision loss, one ear hearing impared. Male puppies will not have both the testicles and the female puppy may not be able to conceive as they grow bigger which is a result of very poor breeding standards. These problems you would never get to know when you buy a puppy when they are just 2 months old. By the time you get to know that your dog has these problems it will be 1 year old or so and it would be too late and you would have given your love and heart to the puppy and you would have to take care of such dogs with pain for several years or as long as the dog survives.   Dogs can have several hundred of problems like human beings. Dogs are known to have severe bones problems in their lifetime like Hip dysplacia, problems in elbows etc. These poorly bred puppies will have lot more bones problems as they grow. The dogs don’t look the way we thought they would as they are cross bred with poor breeds of dogs. They look very ugly with their body being absolutely disproportionate. Infact Most of them don’t even grow to the full size which a dog of a breed is supposed to grow. You will get to know all this only when you buy a puppy form a Pet store, veterinary doctors and backyard breeders. How many times it has happened that you have seen a dog at your friends place and compared it with a the pic of a dog of that breed seen in a magazine. They are so different. Trust me you would have to go to a veterinary doctor right from day one as the puppy will never be healthy. And you would end up spending lot of money with the doctor and giving treatment to your puppy. The puppy will suffer and so will you. The pain and suffering will make your experience with a dog a nightmare. Infact the puppy given by them would be less than 50 days old i.e. he has been taken away from his mother within few days, most probably 25-30 days. The puppy is on mother’s milk for 30 days. But the fact is there are many things a puppy would learn from his mother and other siblings…….. It is utmost important for the puppy to be there with his mother for at least 55- 60 day. In fact most of the puppies sold by them are so poor in quality, health, and bloodlines that they don’t even deserve to be sold and they die within few months They don’t know who the mother and father of the puppy is and how unhealthy the parents of the puppy are and how badly they have been treated and bred. Mostly brother and sister dogs are mated by the back yard breeders which result in Temperament problems.

When you go the pet stores, veterinary doctors and unscrupulous backyard breeders to buy a puppy they would love to give you these sick and unhealthy puppies. They just want to make quick money. The doctor who is there in the vicinity of the pet store would also make a lot of money as you would have to take the sick dog to their clinic more often. Bad dogs are going to good homes and as a result lot of  people are complaining about the health and behavior of the dogs now days. And many perceive keeping a dog as a menace. Lot of known breeders will show you the best dogs imported from a European country and display their dogs in a dog shows so that they can build up an image of very good dog breeder and sell pathetically bred puppies under that brand image and make quick money. But the fact is is dirty dog business..So 99.99% chances are you will be cheated. So be care full.


Do not buy a dog from a pet store,veterinary doctor or unscrupulous backyard breeder.

Buying a puppy

If you are searching for a dog as a pet or for shows, its one big task unless you want to be cheated and fooled. I have been looking to buy a good dog for my self for one year and went from pet stores, to veterinary doctors, to breeders, big show enthusiasts, kennel clubs and so called show winners. Trust me they are full of liars, cheats and fraudsters. If you buy a dog from any one of those and this is your first pet, your are bound to be fooled and you wont even know about it. We usually see some very nice glamorous pictures of some breed of a dog and would love to have that dog in our homes. In almost all the cases where people buy dogs from these so called pet stores, veterinary doctors and backyard breeders the pups are sold to you because all of them make a lot money out of it and we don’t get to know the facts of the dogs. The truth about how pure is the breed of that dog, who are parents of the puppy, if the parents of the pups are being treated nicely or a like a puppy making machine, whether the kennel club certification given to you is original or not, if the puppy is healthy and without any health problems and technically right as per the breed standards or not and what’s the actual worth of the puppy are some of the hidden facts which we never come to know. Infact in most of the cases puppies die in the first six months as the puppies are bred with very poor standards  in the most unhealthy environment. Doctors are considered next to god, but now medicine has become a money making profession and its difficult to trust most veterinary doctors, as quiet a few of them are there for the love of the money rather than the love of the animal. Veterinary doctors  are suppose to look after the medical health of a dog and guide their owners.  A good veterinary doctor should not get into selling of dogs as it is not ethical on there part. Infact many veterinary clinics are in the vicinity of a pet store and they both work hand in hand.

The purchase of wonderfull little puppy can be a fantastic experience. A dog can be your closest friend and a real pal. But an unscrupulous breeder, pet stores  and a veterinary doctor, looking to take advantage of you, can turn your niavete into a disaster.

An unhealthy, poorly bred puppy will cause great heartache and cost you big rupees in vet bills. This happens much more often than you might imagine. The unscrupulous breeder, pet store owner and veterinary doctor will cost you much more money heartache than the thousands of rupees he scams from you. They don’t care how much heartache they cost you and your family. They just want your money.

All puppies are cute! What does that mean to you? Ugly dogs are cute as puppies, ill bred dogs are cute as puppies, Unhealthy dogs are cute as puppies, Puppies that don’t remotely conform to breed standards are cute as puppies. If you buy a puppy based on how cute, or cuddly or playfull it is, you stand a very good chance of being cheated and ending up with a puppy that grows into a dog you are going to be very unhappy with and it will grow into a dog with many health problems that will cost you a big fortune in money and tremendous headache.

No matter how much time, effort it takes, I was determined to buy a very good quality dog (labrador) for myself. And in this search for very good pet I ended up talking , meeting, speaking to more than 200 people across India who were dealing with dogs ,cats and other pets with some way or the other .  Mostly agents, back yard breeders, pet store owners, veterinary doctors and puppy mills which are thriving in India. In this search I discovered the filthy , dirty and black world where pets were being sold and thrown like garbage and people are being fooled , cheated and provided nothing worse than a street dog.  As the poor pets can’t speak in human language ,no one comes to know the real truth about the quality of the breed of the dog till the puppy is bought , money is paid, so called sellers of the pup disappears. It is when you raise the the puppy to the age of 1 or 2 years that’s when we come to know that the dog is not the kind we were looking for.  Infact most of the pets in different houses are no better than a street dog in breed standards, no matter how much they may dislike me for writing this but i can understand their ignorance under which they got their dogs. They love it, care for it and make them part of their family, but they suffer as well.

In my search for a dog for my self I discovered that the one of the stars in Bollywood has been sold recently so called ” a very good quality dog “, and he doesn’t even know the real worth of that puppy. Lots of money had exchanged hands, but still the Bollywood star didn’t get a worth of his money and he doesn’t even know about it. The so called show winner has sold the pup because of his brand image which he has made out of  participating in shows. Infact the mother of that puppy is in really bad shape. It is an imported champion dog, brought into India to be a puppy making machine. Since the mother has already given quite a few litters in last few years, and it may not be able to give any more pups so it is left to die in the backyard. I wonder how an animal lover (breeder) would treat his dogs like that. Would any of us like to buy a puppy from such breeders? Trust me there are thousands like this breeder. Infact quite a few people display their dogs in a dog shows so that they can build up an image of very good dog breeder and sell pathetically bred puppies under that  brand image and make quick big money.

In India where humans are sold for few hundred rupees and no one comes to know, so how does one make sure to get a very good pet or show quality dog. Well the answere’s need to be discovered. Blog with me, share your experiences, thoughts and get to know the secrets. I hope that my experience can save you from most of the pitfalls so common in the business of breeding and selling puppies.